Accessed by our digital app, Care Approved Member Assist helps YOU to enjoy Your Lifestyle by protecting Your Health and Your Safety, Your Time and Your Money, whilst helping to make significant savings on your everyday bills.

Run by Bikers for Bikers, Bikers Care Approved offers enhanced crash detection features and additional Your Time and Your Money benefits in the event of a non-fault motorcycle accident claim

SAVE over 150% of your 1st Year Membership Fee or Your Money Back!1

Your Time and Your Money

Care Approved is also designed to look after Your Money and Your Time! With useful features such as our Member Assist Concierge, we’ll help you save money on your everyday bills, including vehicle insurance and utility contracts.

We initially target over £500 in savings and benefits in your 1st Year of Membership, going up to a target of over £1000 with additional membership upgrades, ensuring that both Your Time and Your Money can be spent on enjoying Your Lifestyle.

If you don’t SAVE over 150% of your 1st Year Membership Fee, we’ll give you Your Money Back!*

Your Health and Your Safety

Care Approved is designed to keep you healthy, active and safe, aiding your recovery and rehabilitation when you need it, and keeping you safe though the Care Approved Member Assist digital app.

Care Approved will give you priority access and preferential treatment from our Star Rated Health Providers, with Physiotherapy, Massage, and Chiropractic treatments all available, all designed to help speed you back on the road to recovery to enjoy Your Lifestyle again.

Affinity Group Membership

You may be able to join Care Approved via an Affinity Group

As an associate of an Affinity Group, a group joining fee has already been paid on behalf of Your Affinity, meaning that no further joining fee is required to become a Care Approved Member, saving you £50.

Up to 3 Years Free Membership

Joining as a Standard Tier member normally costs £2 per month (no commitment, cancel anytime) or £20 per annum. However, if joining as an associate of an Affinity Group, You won’t need to pay anything for three years, or until 31st December 2021, whichever comes earliest.

Including your discounted Joining Fee, You could save up to £122 on your Care Approved Membership by joining as an associate of an Affinity Group.

  1. Money Back Offer is available via our 100% Membership Money Back Guarantee, Terms and Conditions Apply.
  2. Savings targets of £500+ and £1000+ on everyday bills cannot be guaranteed and is dependent on you providing the information required to the Care Approved Member Assist Concierge so that preferential deals can be found on your behalf. The £1000+ savings target is also dependent on the active use of the Extra Care Discounts Upgrade.